About us

Drift paragliders team

Core of the Drift team

Stanislav Klikar and Kryštof Klimpar

Stanislav has extensive knowledge of the paragliders development. He worked for a long time as an R&D for a well-known Czech brand. But his experience doesn't only come from there, he also worked as a test pilot in South Korea and has taken part in quite a few Paragliding World Cups in which he collected many amazing achievements.

Kryštof is a talented paragliding technician. His innovative approach and ability to manage other people are not the only qualities he possesses. He proved himself while working for a well-known Czech paragliding company where he met Stanislav.

Kryštof's perfectionism and sense for details combined with Stanislav's know-how create a powerful duo to run a company. Together with the rest of the Drift paragliders team they aspire to deliver a whole line of paragliders ranging from school wings to high-end two liners.

Drift ladies

Polina Klikarová and Lenka Fexová

Polina is the chief photographer. With her skills and high-end equipment, she is able to capture our wings in action, so you can get an idea of what you will look like flying our gliders. She is also the author of the Carancho manuals.

Lenka is the designer. She is the author of the Drift logo, as well as the creator of the mountains outline that adorn our bags. With her great drawing skills, she contributed to the visualisation and subsequently understanding of the Drift technologies. Lenka also greatly helped with testing the Carancho glider, as our test pilot.